Protex Lawn & Landscaping has been in business since 2011. Matthew Moody took over in 2013 when it was only 2 Employees and a trailer with some equipment. Mr. Moody took his experience that he has had in the field and out of the field and gave the company an overhaul.  Protex goal is to produce quality and a great relationship with all its customers. We want to make sure that everyone that we touch is not only happy with our service but that there is no questions asked and we don’t leave anything for discussion. Company runs the maintenance on a 30 day cash flow to make it easy on all customers. We do our best to produce the quality of work that we say we will and of course the price of all jobs. Every year so far we have double and tripled sales since the new owner. The company is striving and that is to produce quality, and communication with being organized said by the owner Matthew Moody which then result to a successful business which are built around that.
Residential or Commercial:
Clients we take all payments and yes that means Credit Cards. We want a stress free environment and we want you to enjoy your days and time off. Commercial we look forward to always producing that look for your business and at the same time advertise what great work we can do for viewers in need of great service which is why we take pride with everyone we touch with our service.
Management Companies:
We hope to build relationships and trust as we do our best to represent anyone we work with. We do have great prices for what we produce. We are still growing 6 crews in the mix and more to come. We time and date all work and invoice and carry a 2 million dollar policy, plus all men are w2 and company is credited by BBB and many other places. Our job when bids are won is to do things better than others and give great prices to our customers and have the answers for them or you and to help your team at any location to keep the relationship we all want. We our here to take care of you and your clients as they mean a lot to us.  
Our Team
  1. Matthew Moody
    CEO Bought Protex in 2013. Has 10+ years of experience & in all departments. Brings great quality. Good back ground and credited by BBB.
  2. Gabe Garcia
    Started in 2014 and has since moved up over the years. Gabe has acheived in sales and running lawn service. Gabe is the companies Operation Manager for Lawn Maintenance.
  3. Debbie Kelly
    Debbie Kelly
    Graduated from SHSU and holds a masters degree over 6 years in the office handling HR & Accounting. Debbie is the Executive Adminstrative Assistant for the company